Research Projects

Current clinical trials


Research contact

We are actively enrolling in clinical trials. Please contact Tamara Marshall research coordinator through this website message system or via phone. 

To discuss your interest in reasearch

Please call Tamara Marshall research coordinator at our number 214 432 7549 extension 2. 


Current Wait time

For new patients we have an open policy, we will try to get you scheduled within a week if you wish to do so. Please contact our staff via phone call. 

Research goals

This year we plan to add clinical research trials and efforts are ongoing. We will keep you posted once the trials are approved and in process. 


We have an extremely capable team who work with us. Our current surgery rates are about 3-4 patients per month. We have education classes for pre-op patients on a weekly basis so we are able to prepare you for your surgery. 

New Drugs in our field

Austedo for Hungtington's disease and Tardive dyskinesia.

Ingrezza for Tardive dyskinesia. 

Xadago for Parkinson's disease. 

Rytary for Parkinson's disease. 

Gocovvri for Parkinson's disease. 

New devices in our field in the past 5 years

Duopa infusion pumps for Parkinson's disease. 

New DBS device from St.Jude with constant current technology. 

Boston Scientific approval Dec 2017 for new device for DBS in Parkinson's disease. 


Our physician Dr.Madhavi Thomas is on various pharmaceutical advisory boards and does give presentations on new drugs that are released in our field. Her view point is this participation and activity is important for Physician education about appropriate use of newer medications.